Long Term Care

Many people ages 50 and older have thought about Long Term Care, but also many have thought its to expensive, and what if I pay all that money over all those years and luckily never need to use it…….Well that is until now……

Asset-Care is whole life insurance with long term care benefits that you can fund with your monthly premiums.  Because it is life insurance,  Asset-Care can offer you benefits that just can’t be found with other forms of long term care insurance:

  • Guaranteed premiums that will never go up
  • Cash value accumulation
  • Benefits even if care is never needed
  • The ability to cover you and your spouse from a single policy
  • Lifetime benefit option with a guaranteed premium

This is something that everyone needs to look at, as you may or may not know….the likely-hood of needing long term care in your lifetime is significant, and the older you get the higher the risk.  And using your hard earned retirement that you have saved all your lives or even if your just starting to save for…..it would be gone very quickly without some type of plan in place.

Think about it………

Annuity-Care Video..


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