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So what is a safe money retirement plan,  or what could be called a private pension plan…..Fixed Indexed Annuities ,  why an FIA ?  Lets just look at what happened in 2008, anyone that had funds in a FIA at that time, did not lose one penny.  And instead of seeing their retirement savings drop 25%-30%, or even as much as 50%.  Those with an FIA, just simply didn’t make any money, which is a whole lot better that losing.  Let me explain….

Because FIA’s are an insurance product, they can guarantee the safety of the investors’ principal as well as offer a minimum rate of return also guaranteed.

One of the feature’s of an FIA, is what we call the automatic annual reset.  This feature allows FIA’s values to automatically reset at the end of each contract year.  That means your starting out each new year with the interest you made locked in place.  Which also  means that overall the FIA policyholder will not lose money on a down year, and will make interest on the high year.  In others words your account will over the years continue to build sometimes slowly, and sometimes quickly….but you will never loose any of what you have gained…ever.  No other investment can say that…

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